Cutting tables

Cutting tables play an important role in the profitability of an entire system.
With plasma and flame cutting systems, the customer can choose the optimal firing table according to his needs.
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SATOTEC suction table system

It is a practical, stable table construction according to a required max. cutting thickness.

The suction table is divided into different suction scenes, so that a very high suction efficiency is achieved. Usually only one suction gate is open. In the overlap area there are max. two pneumatically operated flaps are arranged in the suction link.

The slag is collected in removable slag trays with crane eyes. The support table is equipped with a removable steel band or cutting bars. The workpiece support frame contains removable, diagonally placed and interchangeable flat iron slats.

The standard elements are available in widths of 1,600, 2,100 and 2,600 mm and are put together according to your needs at SATO.

Water tables

Our water table system is suitable for plasma and water jet cutting systems for above or underwater cutting. It offers the advantages of minimal material distortion and noise reduction. The result is an excellent cut quality.

Another advantage is the binding of the cutting dust in the water, so that an additional filter system is not necessary. The integrated water displacement tank enables the water level to be raised and lowered quickly.

The tables are specially made for your needs at SATO.

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Scraper conveyor water tables

The SATO scraper conveyor water table system ensures that the slag is automatically discharged into a ready-made collection container during the cutting process. This eliminates the time-consuming cleaning of the table.

The scraper conveyor system consists of deflection rollers lying in the water and a drive shaft, which is located at the end of the discharge area, which is inclined upwards and thus protected outside the firing table.