Marker devices

SATOCUT markers and grains

In proven SATO quality, based on 20 years of experience in flame cutting,
SATO supplies extensive marking equipment for processing sheet metal and steel.

Plasma markers

Plasma markers are used for marking, notching and graining drilling points as well as for line marking contours and letters.

The depth and width of the marking can be set using the output current for pure marking current sources.

All electrically conductive materials are ideally suited for these processes.

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Inkjet marker

Inkjet markers are used for fast labeling with letters and numbers as well as lines and contours without affecting the material surface

Needle marker

With pneumatic fixation devices, needle markers achieve quick and clear marking for panel and single-unit marking in a matrix field with high-quality numbers, letters and special characters. Fast and safe marking.

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High frequency grains

High-frequency grains create clear center points of a centering point for drilling or line marking contours and letters, even on impure surfaces. The pneumatic hammer mill sets the stamp e.g. to the later drilling point. The marking frequency and depth are adjustable and enable CNC-controlled marking of points, lines or letters.

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