Medium Duty Machine


The DHD & DHD-S machine concept is associated with high cost-effectiveness, great flexibility and robustness.

Double gantry bridge with reinforced front in a stable and air-cooled steel frame construction. The machine can be used universally for all thermal cutting processes and processes materials up to 600 mm thick. The DHD-S version also has a high-precision linear guide system for corresponding torches and tools.

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The robust steel frame construction and the air-cooled double portal bridge provide the necessary rigidity and thus excellent stability. The track of the two machines consists of heavy machined S49 railroad tracks, e.g. be placed on a HE 300 B support foundation.

Two mass-optimized carriages are precisely moved by a double-sided digital longitudinal drive. The transverse guidance takes place via round rod guides and a wear-free toothed belt with the help of three-phase synchronous motors and high-precision planetary gears. The result of the design is excellent running properties, which are reflected in a convincing cut quality.

Your Benefit


The special heavy-duty cutting equipment, including special tools, and the ride-on platform enable your employees to perform all thermal cutting processes up to 600 mm.

User friendliness

The stationary CNC control unit allows user-friendly, intuitive operation, programming and control of your machine, including digital motor control.


The cantilever bridge can be attached either on the left or on the right. In this way, your wishes can be taken into account individually during planning.

All from a single source

The SATRONIK DHD / DHD-S can be equipped for oxy-fuel, plasma and marking processes on request.

Technical Data

Working width 2,500 – 10,000 mm

Overall width 4,300 – 11,800 mm

Overall height 2,100 mm

Track segments each 1,500 mm

Speed 20,000 mm/min

Cutting table height 650 mm

Up to 12 burners

Additional Equipment

A complete cutting system also includes reliable suction tables, functional filter systems and the right software. Follow our links for more information.