CAD/CAM Software

As a manufacturer of high-quality cutting systems, it goes without saying that we use premium software for work preparation, from the CAD drawing to the perfect cut.

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Lantek Expert Cut is a CAD / CAM boxing solution that was specially designed for the automation of the programming of sheet metal cutting machines (oxyfuel, plasma, laser and water jet). It is the result of more than 30 years of intensive cooperation with both manufacturers and users of these machines. It perfectly combines machine technology with customers' programming and administration requirements.

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"Libellula.cut" - the system that is able to change conventional workflows through cutting-edge technology and highly avant-garde programming in such a way that excellent results are achieved.

The one-click system eliminates computational and operational difficulties of a laser cutting program, a plasma cutting program or a software program for oxyacetylene cutting by using technologies that work perfectly in synergy to optimize processes. The software can work independently without operator intervention with regard to the positioning parameters.